Hi Roz,

First, let me say that I find it refreshing that we are having a debate over something other that the usual things about Medium that irritate the membership.

Next, I did read through your story/article (why do we have to call them stories, anyway?) in its entirety, and clapped fifty times at the end.

I would like to state for the record, however, that I refrained from highlighting even a single word of your storicle, even though I consider myself quite compulsive by nature.

In this case, my rebellious and crumudgeonly qualities won-out, and I sat on my hands while I read to make sure I did not highlight anything that jumped-out at me. Because.

Because you said to go ahead and highlight away.

What AI can't do, and what it will have difficulty doing for some time to come (until such time as there are big breakthroughs... maybe by AI itself) is to make good decisions in new or unknown situations. When that starts to happen, then maybe we are in for big trouble. OR, looking at the flip side, maybe AI will be able to help us be better humans. Either, or both, are possible.



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