Discovery Guide Series — Table of Contents

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1 min readOct 14, 2021


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  1. Watson Discovery: Overview and Concepts (published 10/14/2021)
  2. On Plans, Projects, Collections, and Collection Types (published 12/16/2021)
  3. Creating and Populating a Collection: Ingestion, Crawlers, Connectors (published 4/10/2022)
  4. The Search Experience — Tooling and Reusable Component
  5. Conversion and Smart Document Understanding
  6. Understanding the Document
  7. Improving the Collection
  8. Enrichments
  9. NLU (built-in) Enrichments
  10. Dictionaries
  11. Patterns
  12. Advanced Rule Models
  13. Table Understanding
  14. Content Intelligence
  15. Topic Modeling (Beta — Internal Only Topic)
  16. Custom Models (Watson Knowledge Studio)
  17. Better Search Results
  18. Passage Retrieval
  19. Relevancy Training
  20. Curation
  21. Reading Comprehension (Beta)
  22. Classification
  23. Dynamic Facets
  24. Summarization
  25. Content Mining
  26. APIs and SDKs
  27. Use Cases
  28. Planning for a Discovery Project
  29. Best Practices
  30. Troubleshooting
  31. Cloud Pak for Data supplement
  32. History
  33. Summary

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