My Life in Vignettes

Descriptive stories of fleeting experiences that left a lasting impression on me.

2 min readJul 30, 2021
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(New stories will be linked here as they are published)

They Wondered if Mom was The Queen of England (Published in The Memoirist) [setting: 1960s and 1970s]

Slow Train to Matsue (Published in The Memoirist) [setting: early 1960s]

Rest in Peace, Cedric Doggory (Published in The Memoirist) [setting: 2002]

They Wondered if She Was The Queen of England (Published in The Memoirist) [setting: 1960's-1970's]

Japanese Only: A chance encounter with a Kamikaze pilot who lived to tell his story (Published in Tell Your Story) [setting: 1985]

Day Trip to Ocracoke: In search of Shells and Buried Treasure (Published in Postcards From Around the World) [setting: 2021]

Whalesong (Published in Illumination) [setting: ca. 1982]

Singing “Old Black Joe” for the Emperor of Japan” (Published in Tell Your Story) [Setting: 1970]

Magic in Edinburgh [Setting: ca. 1990]

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