“Walk me home in the dark of night….”

With apologies to Pink: Who needs company when you can have an Autonomous Safety Drone?

4 min readDec 1, 2021


From My Future Tech Notebook — a collection of ideas that might or might not see the light of day.

Imagine you’re walking home from somewhere at night, alone. It’s dark. It’s a bit scary. You start to feel unsafe.

So you reach into your pocket (or bag, or pack) and pull out a small package, unfold and deploy the rotors, and toss it into the air. A small drone starts up and hovers a few feet above you. A bright light comes on, lighting your path and the area surrounding you.

As you walk, the drone keeps a few steps ahead, sensing which way you are moving and watching for any changes in direction.

You feel safer, knowing that there is light. And that the drone is taking a video of your walk and can call for help if needed.

Photo by Diana Măceşanu on Unsplash

Well, that’s the main idea. Here are some extras:

  1. Reconnaissance / Probe mode: fly the path to my destination and return, or fly a bit ahead and return. Identify and mark any objects of concern. Recognize humans and animals and alert me to their presence.
  2. Tandem mode: a pair of drones communicating with each other, the first providing light and the second being a probe.
  3. Add infrared detection in the probe.
  4. Add the ability to contact Emergency Services or a central monitoring facility and send video and locational information.
  5. Play a siren sound or other loud noise to alert other people in case of trouble.
  6. Provide situational awareness via an earpiece.
  7. Connect to health device (watch or fitness device) to monitor heart rate and calm me if needed (play soothing music, perhaps)
  8. Play a conversation to simulate a couple or group walking.
  9. Flashing blue lights or strobe and siren to simulate a police vehicle coming up the street.




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